Dallow Development Trust Online Donation Appeal

IMG_0001The Dallow Learning Community Centre (DLCC) officially opened its doors to the public on 21 st September 2003. The centre was successfully built with contributions from Luton BC, SRB, EEDA and the Luton & Dunstable Partnership at a cost of £1.3million. The centre is in the most diverse and deprived area of Luton and ranked amongst the top 10% in United Kingdom for socio and economic deprivation. It has the most poorest diverse communities who face multiple challenges such as, health, housing, long-term unemployment, no youth facility, no sports or arts provisions and homeless.

The services we try to provide are targeted around these themes : sports & leisure, social & cultural, services for children & over 50’s, training, education & employment, health and well being, advice & advocacy, also volunteering opportunities. We actively promote and encourage the local community to participate in the development of the centre and feel a sense of ownership. The centre is the focal point for all communities living in Dallow and Luton. We are a self help organisation.

Mission Statement

To release the potential of the diverse communities in Dallow and Luton, we will work together proactively and co-operatively with partners.

We will facilitate economic, social and environmental regeneration of the area.

  • We will improve the range of activities that engage young people
  • We will improve the employment and learning skills of residents
  • We will support and develop enterprise, innovation and employment opportunities, and promote social enterprise development
  • We will improve the health and well being of individuals and the community
  • We will create a safer Dallow
  • We will operate with respect for all communities and for equality of opportunity

Why we need your support?

We aim to improve the lives in our neighbourhood and in Luton. We appeal to you to help us to give each and every individual an opportunity for a better future in the challenging socio and economic environment which has an impact on everyone’s health and well being. Our projects to tackling such issues are creative and innovative. We urge your support for the following major projects such as :Donation-Online

  • Youth Hub
  • Sports Academy
  • Health and Well Being centre for Women and Elderly
  • Self-Build Project for Homeless
  • Women in Technology
  • Extension of the current community centre which is desperately needed
  • Early years and children hub

Our Target is raise in excess of £1 million

Please Kindly Donate Monthly or Any Amount As You Wish to Dallow


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