The Dallow Learning Community Centre (DLCC) officially opened its doors to the public on 21 st September 2003. The centre was successfully built with contributions from Luton BC, SRB, EEDA and the Luton & Dunstable Partnership at a cost of £1.3million.

DLCC was primarily built to serve the 14000 people living in the Dallow Ward. The Dallow Ward is in the top 10% of the most disadvantaged wards in England.

The key aim of Dallow Learning Community Centre is to provide the opportunity to promote the regeneration of the local area, economically, socially and environmentally, to bring people together and to give opportunities to individuals to realise their potential.  DLCC has organised many events to bring local people within the community to participate and will continue to develop projects in the future.

Staff at the centre work closely to ensure that the centre runs smoothly, and to ensure the development of a team work approach to all tasks and to endeavour to create an environment that is open, fair and welcoming to all users of the centre. DLCC plays a key role to establish ways of working together with user groups to build a close link within community based organisations, to develop services based on consultation, with them and the general public.

A number of working groups were originally set up to support the work of the centre and also to look at development of activities and projects within Dallow Ward. The groups were; sports & leisure, social & cultural, services for children & over 50’s, training, education & employment, health, advice & advocacy. These have changed and other sub-groups are now evolving to take forward our strategy. We actively promote and encourage the local community to participate in the development of the centre.

Each of us has much more hidden inside us than we have had a chance to explore. Unless we create an environment that enables us to discover the limits of our potential – we will never know what we have inside us.

Muhammed Yunus  –  Contemporary Bangladeshi Economist & Founder of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh

Mission Statement
To release the potential of the diverse communities in Dallow and Luton, we will work together proactively and co-operatively with partners.
We will facilitate economic, social and environmental regeneration of the area.
Our Aims

In order to achieve our aim, we set ourselves the following:-



  • We will improve the range of activities that engage young people
  • We will improve the employment and learning skills of residents
  • We will support and develop enterprise, innovation and employment opportunities, and promote social enterprise development
  • We will improve the health and well being of individuals and the community
  • We will create a safer Dallow
  • We will operate with respect for all communities and for equality of opportunity